Music Moments

Summer Walker: Still Over It

By Kristen Ayanah

R&B artist Summer Walker is back with her second album entitled “Still Over It.” The album is set to drop on November 5th but fans are already raving over this project and it is definitely highly anticipated. Summer’s first debut album entitled “Over It” was released October 4th, 2019, and received praises from millions of fans. The album won best album at the 2020 Soul Train Music Awards and was the most-streamed album by a female artist on Apple Music in 2020.

In preparation for Summer’s “Still Over It” album, she has created a super dope and unique rollout. The R&B superstar took to Instagram just two weeks ago in which she posted a photo of a pink hard drive that was labeled “Album #2”. Her caption wrote “For everyone that keep asking me “Where The Album At” It’s right here and Im keeping it on me! We outside tonight too! (follow @summersharddrive) for more updates !!”


From this Instagram page fans have been able to receive updates about the album prior to its release. On October 15th the debut single off the project was released, “Ex for a Reason” featuring JT who is ½ of the rap hip-hop duo The City Girls. Many fans felt underwhelmed by the single release. They believed it wasn’t the melodic Summer Walker they’re used to hearing. They felt this song was more so upbeat and autotuned, made specifically for the social media app TikTok.

Summer’s response to this was that ultimately it was her label’s choice, not hers and that what’s done is done.

Following the release of her single Summer took it to the streets! She set up a glass case in 3 cities so far NY, ATL & Chicago where fans came to try to smash the glass case in hopes to receive the hard drive which has all the tracks for “Still Over It” on it. In NY and ATL two people were successful in getting the case open in which Summer took them back to the studio for a private listening session of the album.

The marketing behind “Still Over It” has been fun and unique, I am very excited to hear this project and see what Summer Walker has next up her sleeve.