Music Moments

Nicki Minaj releases new single "Do we have a problem" featuring Lil Baby

By: Kristen Ayanah


For this month’s music moments I’m highlighting a single that has been blowing up the hip-hop charts. Rapper, Nicki Minaj released her single “Do We Have a Problem” featuring rapper Lil Baby on February 4th and it has been doing well ever since. This marks her first lead single in three years, a project she teased at the end of 2021 when she prided herself on her end-of-year Spotify stats. Along with the single Minaj also released a 9-minute music video that features actor Joesph Sikora who is known for his role as Tommy in the hit Starz series “Power” created by 50 Cent. “The music video is accompanied by an interrogation scene and betrayal to the FBI from Minaj as she embraces old Hollywood glamour.”

The lyrics of the song provide you with that classic gangsta rap vibe while the beat makes for the perfect club banger.


“Tell 'em my Nina, my b*tch, she a rider

I got a shooter and I got a driver

They want that heat, I'm the only provider

Little bad foreign b*tch, word to Fivio

N*ggas know the vibe, that's word to Five, yo

Beef, we 'bout to resolve, yo

Pull up on an opp, do we have a problem?”


With Nicki and Lil Baby’s gritty lyrics and cadence, this is one Hip-Hop song to get you moving and reciting for sure. We are excited to see what’s next for Ms.Minaj leading up to her next project!