Music Moments

Bryson Tiller - A Different Christmas Album 

By: Kristen Ayanah

It’s that time of the year again. Holiday lights, holiday shopping, Christmas trees and so much more. With that being said it’s only right we highlight a Christmas album this month! R&B artist Bryson Tiller released his Christmas album “A Different Christmas” on November 19th and it’s definitely a project that will get you in the holiday spirit. The seven-track project features artists like Justin Bieber, Kiana Lede, and more. Tiller is bringing the classic holiday tunes but with an R&B twist which can be seen on tracks like “Be Mines this Christmas” & “Winter Wonderland”. 

Bryson has been said to be in the holiday spirit for a while now due to him also releasing a mixtape entitled “Killer Instinct 2: The Nightmare Before” on Halloween. The R&B artist says “People were trying to pull me away from the Christmas album a lot, but this is something I’ve always wanted to do since I was 18 years old,” Tiller told Billboard Magazine. Earlier in his career, the timing didn’t feel right for the album, but thanks to a grueling breakup and a global pandemic, the Louisville-born singer finally made it happen. “Experiencing that loneliness and the thought of spending Christmas alone made me say, okay, I think I could make a Christmas album — but I’m going to do it my way.”

We see a variety of songs on this project from upbeat tracks like “Winter Wonderland” which features Bryson’s daughter Halo, to more sad songs like “Lonely Christmas” featuring Justin Bieber. I honestly enjoyed the project overall, I believe it’s a great body of work for the holiday season, and I look forward to other artists hopefully releasing holiday projects this holiday season.