Music Moments - August

Drake - 'HONESTLY, NEVERMIND' Is An Album Perfect For Summer

By: Kristen Ayanah 


Summer is here and what better way to enjoy summer than with a brand new Drake album! Rapper Drake released his seventh studio album ‘HONESTLY, NEVERMIND’ on June 17th and it’s definitely providing listeners with fun summer vibes. Drake didn’t do much promotion for the album except he posted a day before the album’s release on Instagram that the album would be released at midnight. This had many fans excited because it was an unexpected surprise. 

Another interesting fact about ‘HONESTLY, NEVERMIND’ is that it’s actually a dance album. Drake has never released a dance album before, but I believe it’s perfect for the summer. A lot of the tracks have fast tempo beats and catchy lyrics. Drake also taps into the house music genre, a popular genre that transcends through many generations in black culture. ‘HONESTLY, NEVERMIND’ highlights jersey club music as well and we see that through the production of tracks like ‘Sticky’ and ‘Currents’. Overall, despite this project not being the rap Drake most fans were expecting this album is perfect for summer fun – which we all need!