The Monthly Bugle - She Hulk

She-Hulk Origins And What She Could Bring To The MCU 

by Marc Griffin


At the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios returned to Hall H to announce their upcoming projects spanning from phase 4 to phase 6. But one of the event's most exciting reveals was a title we'd already heard about: Marvel Studios' She-Hulk

Kevin Feige took to the stage to disclose information regarding the upcoming MCU title set to premiere on Disney+ on August 17 and treated fans to a new trailer in the process. So, to celebrate the upcoming title, it's origin time! So let's round down the humble beginnings of the Hulk's cousin, Jennifer Walters. 

Created in 1979 by Stan Lee and John Buscema, She-Hulk made her debut in Savage She-Hulk #1, released in November. Her story begins with the hero, Jennifer Sue "Jen" Walters, who works in LA as a lawyer. 

Bruce Banner and Jen meet up in LA for the first time since they were children, to which Banner reveals to her that he has since become the Incredible Hulk. Walters is shocked at the revelation and declares that the two of them must catch up, so they plan to meet at his home. But unfortunately, en route to her cousin's quarters, Walters is shot by a mobster named Nicholas Trask, the same mobster that killed Jen's mother years prior. 

The violent act came as Trask looked to retaliate against Jen for defending a member of his gang in court who the mob boss had previously ratted out. After Walters is severely injured and revealed to be on the verge of death, she's given a blood transfusion by her cousin Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, to help her survive the gunshot wound. 

Once completed, Banner realized he had transferred his gamma-radiated blood into her bloodstream. The gamma-radiated blood thrust the lawyer deep within a realm known as the Below-Place, where she could access a metaphysical gate now known as the Green Door, which aided her in being resurrected. Jennifer Walter awoke granted with her cousin's powers and abilities, thus becoming the Savage She-Hulk. 


How Does She-Hulk Fit In the MCU?

Well, that much is unclear at the moment. From the two trailers, we can deduce Walters will fit snuggly into the Hulk's corner of the cinematic universe. Marvel Studios has seldomly expanded the gamma portion of the universe due to movie rights regarding the Hulk still being in contention between themselves and Universal Studios. However, with Jennifer, they can do as they please, and they can finally continue telling the stories of the gamma-mutate side of the shared universe. 

As a result, the trailers reveal direct connections to the MCU, showing Walters will cross paths with Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) from The Incredible Hulk and Sorcerer Supreme Wong (Benedict Wong) from Doctor Strange

The Comic-Con trailer also gave insight into another character that will cross paths with She-Hulk, Daredevil. Unlike the two other mentioned Marvel characters, Daredevil hasn't appeared in the MCU. Hence, his appearance in She-Hulk has exciting implications for the two lawyers because DD is also a lawyer, and the possibility of what Jennifer's show could set up for the MCU moving forward. Ah, the possibilities. 

I guess we'll find out on August 17. characters, as mentioned earlier.