The Internet Shopper-August

Back to school shopping

By: Alyssa Jones


When it comes to going back to school, it isn't only stressful for the parent but the child as well. They worry about where to find trending clothes, new backpacks, and the best pens. The long and expensive list of back-to-school items can make it overwhelming for anyone; however, this year, you can tackle that list with confidence, knowing some of the best online shops to buy clothing, school supplies, and basic student necessities well as uniforms. 


1. Old Navy

This time of the summer is when the excitement and dread begin to set in for many students as the new school year looms closer and closer. They worry about where to find the latest and trendiest clothing for their back-to-school entrance. Unfortunately, the cost of buying back-to-school clothing is long and expensive. However, shops like Old Navy make it easy and inexpensive for parents to update their kid's wardrobes. Offering trending styles for girls, boys, and all those in-between makes it easy to find exactly what your child will need while also ensuring they get what they want. Old Navy also offers a wide range of school uniforms with an extensive size range for any student. So, when looking for your student's outfit, don't make it hard on yourself searching for the perfect attire or uniform. Instead, let Old Navy help style your student! 


2. Target

Finding inexpensive school supplies in today's economy isn't easy. However, Target makes it easier to find the items you'll need to send your student back with the keys to success. Target offers its school supplies brand, making it easier for students to get exactly what they need without breaking the bank. Pencils, crayons, markers, binders, and more can be found year-round on the shelves, but during this eventful time of the year, Target will set up unique displays and offer deals online to help your student fill their backpacks without breaking your bank. In addition, target helps stretch your money further when buying school supplies. Going back to school doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg when Target is here to help. 


3. Walmart

Just like Target, Walmart also offers great deals on school supplies. Offering items from many sellers online, it is easy for you to find the supplies they need and the electronics they may need in the classroom. Walmart offers online deals on computers, headphones, calculators, and more throughout the back-to-school season. In addition, Walmart offers discounts on new and used electronics for students. Sometimes buying refurbished or used items can cut the cost in half and work just as well as a brand new item. So don't spend thousands of dollars on new electronics for your student; use Walmart to search for great deals. 


4. Amazon

Just like Target, Walmart, and Old Navy, Amazon is the catch-all of the products your student will need for back to school. There are amazing deals on new and used electronics, school supplies, and even clothing! Amazon offers a wide variety of refurbished and brand new electronics from top retailers like Apple and HP. On the other hand, Amazon basics make it easy to buy cheap and excellent school supplies like pencils, paper, and binders. Amazon wardrobe offers a try-on service, have your student try on their clothing before they commit, even when ordering online. If you're someone who would instead get all of their shopping done at one location, Amazon is the place for you! You'll find all you need, and their services will make it an easy transfer back to school. 


This year the back-to-school season doesn't need to be stressful, expensive, or hard for anyone. With these online shops, you'll be able to find all the back-to-school basics, clothing, and electronics your student will need for the new year. So please don't break the bank or stress yourself out, do yourself and your student a favor and shop online to find all their needs.