In the LES: The Heroes of Pier 36

Limousine and Taxi Commission detectives Robert Tajeva and Walter Colon are the heroes of Pier 36 and the area surrounding Basketball City. These two took on what had become a virtual breeding ground for unscrupulous predators who took advantage of tourists arriving at the Pier who wanted to visit the WTC and Statue of Liberty. They were illegally charging $40.00 per person for a ten minute ride to the downtown sites. That meant a family of four had to shelve out $160 for what should have been, in a legal cab $20-25 dollars, at most. They also ran a bogus ice-cream truck that created a noise nuisance disturbing the peace of residents living in the area. It seemed as if they were virtually immune to any sort of interference by the local police department or any other government agency. Despite numerous complaints by local residents to local and city officials things continued on a daily basis for months. But finally after numerous calls by our staff the city responded and these two fine detectives from the Limousine &Taxi Commission were assigned and came to the rescue. Even then because they were faced with a bureaucracy and judicial system that tends to be fairly lenient and inclined to hamper rather than assist enforcement of nuisance and petty larceny laws, it took much effort and work to rid the community of these commercial pirates. But detectives Tajeva and Colon worked tirelessly gathering evidence through surveillance until they had enough to write tickets that totaled thousands of dollars in fines and eventual confiscation of the most egregious perpetrator’s vehicle. We have documented their efforts in a short video of their work on Pier 36, and we offer our appreciation and respect as well.