Looking Back, Looking Ahead

In this final issue of our first year, we've seen a lot of changes over the year -- most markedly, the opening of a Target store and Trader Joe's on Grand Street.  I know personally that the opening of these two stores, especially Trader Joe's has had a big impact.  Our community now has easy access to quality food at reasonable prices within walking distance for many of us.

We have seen increased traffic and new faces in the neighborhood.  We have seen some of our treasured local businesses close as commercial rents have skyrocketed and the climate for small business has become harsher.

In an effort to contribute to the continuation of a vibrant and diverse Lower East Side, we are asking our readers and neighbors to support local business through the holidays and byond, and not only local businesses but local non-profit organizations.  Toward this end, we are featuring video articles on Essex Market vendors, and the remarkable Chef Rossi of The Raging Skillet, and two local non-profit organizations - Manny Cantor Center and Asian American Arts Centre.  We encourage you to look through our Archive and shop with featured businesses, By Robert James, Goyal's Dress Shoppe,  and Yaf Sparkle enjoy a holiday meal at Cafe Petisco, and purchase holiday goodies at DiPalo's.

And we remind you not to forget to support us by sending your comments and ideas to us and by making a tax-deductible contribution to our non-profit "parent" Neworld Millennium Nation. By clicking here you will arrive at our secure PayPal portal.  We are grateful for all donations and thank you in advance for your support.

We hope you enjoy the videos and shop and donate locally this holiday.

A joyous holiday and Happy New Year!